The Daddy Daughter Dance is a wonderful opportunity for GDA’s little girls to dress up and spend a fun evening with Dad or a significant male role model. We’d like to encourage all of you to not only attend, but also to take advantage of the teaching moments this provides.

Children are special and this evening will be a perfect opportunity for Dads to teach their daughters what it is like to feel cherished. It seems like no one wants to think about their own daughters dating, but everyone wants them to make wise and Godly choices when the time comes. The relationship between fathers and daughters can be influential in the choices daughters make when choosing their future husbands. Daughters are a precious gift from the Lord, and parents have the responsibility to prepare her for adulthood. Of course, parents should pray for their daughters’ future husbands starting right now. We also encourage you to show your daughters what to look for in a future husband.

Helpful Hints for the Daddy Daughter Dance

On the day of the Daddy Daughter Dance, there are a few suggestions for Dad. On this day – we recommend you pull out all the stops! Make her feel special! Here are a few helpful hints suggested by some of our Grandparents on the Grand Lions team.

  • Let your daughters know how excited you are about your upcoming date.
  • Dress up for the occasion. A nice shirt and a tie, or maybe a sports jacket would let her see that she is worth the extra effort.
  • Bring her a corsage (you will have the option of ordering them through GDA)
  • Try to put your phone away for the evening.
  • Stand up when she enters the room. Show her that she has your complete and undivided attention and that she is beautiful inside and out.
  • Offer to help her with her coat.
  • Open all doors, including the car door. You may have to teach her to wait for you to do that. Behaving like a lady does not always come naturally!
  • Once in the car, intentionally make conversation. Ask her what she would like to listen to or if she is comfortable with the temperature etc….
  • Tell her a story about when you were dating her mother, or you can use this opportunity to talk about what she should expect from someone who eventually wants to date her. This is a great opportunity to discuss how precious she is to God.
  • Offer to take her coat.
  • Offer to get her some punch (there will be a punch bowl)
  • Pull her chair out for her.
  • Teach her to stay in the car until you have a chance to open the door for her.
  • Be the protector that you always are but tell her why you walk closest to the street and she walks on the inside, etc. Teach her to notice these behaviors. Anyone who cherishes her will naturally want to protect her, even if we teach them to be strong and independent.
  • Teach her to behave like a lady. Teach her to be appropriately gracious to her date.

We can’t wait to see the precious girls of GDA sharing a special Daddy Daughter Dance with the male role models in their lives. Remember to take lots of pictures!