Gloria Deo Academy The Grammar School includes grades K-6 who focus on learning through memorization, drill using rhyme, rhythm, and recitation

Students in grades K-6 focus on the grammar stage of learning. Memorization and drill using rhyme, rhythm, and recitation will regularly characterize classroom instruction by a single teacher. This will provide parents with one primary contact person regarding their child’s education. The student should find this approach more peaceable than having content area teachers like the older students in their university-style schedule. The only exception is students in grades 3-6, who will have a separate content area teacher for Latin. The classroom teacher will introduce content the first day of classes in a week and continue presentation and reinforcement on the next day of classes. Parents will continue the education of the student at home through teacher assigned home studies which provide proper pacing to complete subject content over the course of a school year.  

  • Students are excited about new, interesting facts

  • Students like to explain, figure out, talk and especially relate their own experiences

  • Students like chants, and clever repetitious word sounds

  • Students easily memorize, recite, do drills and games

  • Students learn cursive beginning in Kindergarten 

  • Students practice public speaking skills in Kindergarten

  • Supported by 2 days of instruction at school and 3 days of instruction at home


Course Offerings  

English Language, Writing, and Literature: Grades kindergarten through eight emphasize reading, cursive handwriting, spelling, grammar and period-specific, age-appropriate literature. Phonics instruction is also taught in kindergarten through third grade. 

History: Grades one through six survey the world from the ancient to the modern day and include Missouri history. The grammar stage will include mental cataloging of the major people, events and dates. The chronological sequence of presentation parallels the study of Literature in grades three through six. 

Mathematics: Mathematics will include solid practical instruction for students to grasp principles and progressively master the subject. Recognition of the orderly nature of God’s creation will undergird the philosophy of mathematics to enrich study. The Abeka math series will be used in grades K-6. 

Foreign Language: Latin undergirds a classical education and provides much of the foundation of English and Romantic languages. It opens a window into the thinking of the classical period. Grammar School offers introductory Latin beginning in the third grade.  

Fine Arts: Music and art are offered once per week for PreK-6th grade students  and are also integrated into the curriculum. GDA also offers extracurricular fine arts opportunities such as band, orchestra, and theater.  

Science: In science, students discover the works of God in His creation through study and laboratory experience in the physical and life sciences.  The formal study of Science begins in seventh grade, however, science concepts are integrated into other subjects in the grammar stage when relevant. 

Bible, Theology, and Philosophy: Classical Christian educators describe theology as the “Queen of the Sciences” and philosophy as its “Handmaiden.” Bible, theology, philosophy, and apologetics develop the mind of the maturing student to effectively defend and advance the Christian faith in any arena. Grammar School students study the Bible using The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos, beginning with Genesis and moving through Revelation in a five-year sequence.

Physical Education and Athletics: Education of the whole person includes training the physical body. Physical training, teamwork, and performance under pressure will enrich the education of youth. Kindergarten-6th grade students attend Physical Education class twice per week. GDA also offers extra-curricular sports opportunities including Archery, Bass Fishing, and Friday Clubs.


GDA puts on so many wonderful events each year! Grammar School students will have the opportunity to participate in Grandparents Day, the Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Event, Friday Clubs, Bass Fishing, Archery, Field Day, Theater, and more.