Grammar School includes grades K-6 and focuses on repetition and songs to learn. In the Grammar Stage, GDA students memorize all the bones in the body, all the African, Asian, European, North, and South American countries. In addition, students memorize poems and Scripture. Students present a speech about various historical topics in front of a large audience. 

  • Students are excited about new, interesting facts

  • Students like to explain, figure out, talk and especially relate their own experiences

  • Students like chants, and clever repetitious word sounds

  • Students easily memorize, recite, do drills and games

  • Students learn cursive beginning in Kindergarten¬†


GDA students participate in several service projects like Can-Struction (benefiting Crosslines of Springfield). Watch this video to see how two GDA students collected items for Can-Struction this Spring.

GDA puts on so many wonderful events each year! Grammar School students will have the opportunity to participate in Grandparents Day, the Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Event, Friday Clubs, Bass Fishing, Archery, Choir, Field Day, Theater, etc! Check out these wonderful event photos below.