Gloria Deo Academy The Grammar School includes grades K-6 who focus on learning through memorization, drill using rhyme, rhythm, and recitation

One of the most rewarding aspects of Gloria Deo Academy is the community of Christ followers that each family helps create. Our desire as a team of parents, teachers, administrators and friends is to build the kingdom of God together in community through the mission and vision of GDA.  We believe each part of the GDA family helps strengthen each other and hope that you will add your voice to the growing chorus of volunteers.  Simply fill out the form below to join one of our exciting volunteer teams today!

Parent Team

This team will consist of parents who want to be fully informed of everything happening at GDA in order to help communicate to other parents about the campaign and events at the school. Room moms will be an integral part of this team for a “calling tree” style of communication. This team will not be required to attend very many planning meetings but may help host informational meetings for the campaign or for new parents at the beginning of the school year.

Business Team

The Business Team is established to bring businesses to a closer relationship with the school, to organize effective communication with businesses and professionals, and to solicit businesses and professionals for support and involvement. The responsibility of this team is to give identified businesses an opportunity to participate.This team will meet approximately once per month and each team member will manage their own time meeting with potential business sponsors.

Media Relations Team

The Communications Team oversees many topics that are mostly task oriented. This team does not typically meet unless there is an assignment they are working on. Many members are only called upon based on their specific skill set. For instance, graphic design, social media expertise, videography, writing, editing, etc. If you think you can contribute to this team, you can let us know what your communication interests might be.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is assigned the responsibility of providing a “cover” of prayer support for all school related personnel, events and activities. The purpose of the team is to promote, encourage, support, and facilitate a wide range of programs designed to cause the entire constituency to collectively focus their attention upon God! This team will meet approximately once per month to plan a variety of opportunities and activities designed to engage all constituents.

Address Team

This team comes together to stuff, address and stamp envelopes, fold newsletters etc. This is a great team for anyone who loves to hang out, be productive and get to know people. This team laughs, drinks coffee, and has great pastries! Sometimes we meet at school and other times we meet at someone’s home. We meet about 4-5 times per year.

Major Donor Team

The major donor team is assembled for the precise purpose of identifying and soliciting those within the supporting constituency of the organization who are believed to have the ability of making major gifts to the campaign. In the current campaign, a major gift is considered to be a contribution of $10,000 or more over a 3-year period. This is a small group with flexible meeting times. Meetings would occur once per month at the most, with communication in between meetings.

Campaign Event Team

The Annual Fund Event is a special event every year to celebrate our school, bringing focus to the mission and purpose. A successful event will motivate and encourage volunteers and donors as well as cultivate and recruit new ones. This event will take a great deal of planning, organizing and creativity but there is a job on this team for every kind of skill set. This team will meet approximately once per month and maybe more when it gets close to the event time. There are 3 different teams available for volunteers.

Recognition Team

During a capital campaign, it is imperative that donors are thanked and recognized for their generous contributions. The Recognition Team is responsible for designing a list of ways to do so within the stated policies and procedures of the school in general and the campaign in particular. The team is established for the purpose of identifying and implementing policies, procedures, and opportunities of thanking all donors of the campaign. There will be two phases for this team. The first phase will focus on the policies and procedures and reviewing the current policy governing the acceptance of gifts. The second phase will focus on the opportunities of thanking and recognizing.

Raise Right (SCRIP) Team

This team helps GDA earn bonus money for the school and for our GDA families’ tuition. They do this by making gift cards available for purchase to our families at the school and school functions. Responsibilities would include being part of a team that manages inventory at each campus and helps with parent training at the beginning of school. One or two strategy/training meetings is all that would be required. Landscaping Team This team would meet initially to prioritize the things that are most important. They would propose projects, get estimates and develop a schedule of volunteers to beautify the outside spaces of our school. This group would have periodic planning meetings and work outside once or twice per month.

Events Team

This team would work closely with GDA’s Event Coordinators to exchange ideas, plan, and implement various school events. There would also be volunteer opportunities to help with event set-up, decorating, working the event, clean-up, etc. for the major school events like Daddy Daughter Dance, Grandparents Day, Field Day, etc.

Facilities Team

This team would meet initially to prioritize the things that are most important. They would propose projects, get estimates and develop a schedule of volunteers to beautify the inside spaces of our school. Volunteers would organize group clean up days or work days to help take care of the GDA facilities.

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