Christian Classical Collaborative Education

Equipping PK-12 to impact their community for the Glory of God





GDA educates and inculcates truth in the light of God and His Holy Word. We seek to teach each discipline from a historic Christian worldview.




GDA encourages every student to develop a love for learning and to live up to his or her individual academic potential, achieved by adherence to the time-tested classical trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.




GDA offers classes two to three days per week on site that are supported by supervised parental involvement on the days that their students are home.

“We LOVE how everything is brought through and tied back to biblical principles. They are learning at high & challenging levels. They are surrounded by kind and compassionate people of all ages!”

GDA Parent 

“GDA has given us so much flexibility with our time, allowing us the opportunity to travel and grow as a family. Our kids are challenged academically and are being taught TRUTH. They are cared for, prayed for, and loved by their teachers. Their spiritual growth is as important as their academics. They are learning to think, articulate their thoughts and confidently speak with and to others. They have learned to budget their time and take responsibility for their work.”

GDA Parent 

“I love that I can be involved in my kids education and also work to support my family on days they are in school. I also love the atmosphere and I know my kids are loved and cared for at GDA. I also love how they notice what each student needs and makes accommodations so they can be successful and are in constant communication with me so we are working together.”

GDA Parent 

“Attending GDA equipped me to know how to write and be successful in college.”  

Brooke Donaldson, GDA Alumna

“My [son] took multiple dual enrollment courses his junior and senior year, and that combined with the rigorous curriculum here made him so equipped to move on to the college level.”

Debbie Kinser, GDA Parent

“GDA has been a safe-haven for our family. They have, and continue, to take our kiddos needs into account and work closely with us to create long-term growth, reach goals, and foster a love of learning and wonder in our kids. I have both upper and lower grade kiddos.”

GDA Parent

“We love how the staff puts God first. They pray continuously for their students. I love that the curriculum challenges my kids to think at a higher level. I love how each subject is connected to our Christian worldview. Since going to GDA my kids have learned to become independent. They learn time management, note taking, and various life skills.”

GDA Parent

“As always, the kids from Gloria Deo [Academy] were a joy to have in class. They are consistently prepared, engaged, and they work their tails off. They are wonderful reflections of the work your faculty and staff pour into them.”

Professor Porter, Drury University