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Gloria Deo Academy is 501 (c)(3) charity and all gifts are tax deductible.

GDA’s Tax ID # is 26-2534427.

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Gloria Deo Academy 3146 S Golden Ave Springfield, MO 65807

Need More Information? Please call Gloria Deo Academy at 417-379-5430.

GDA Excellence in Giving Certified Transparent

Gloria Deo Academy is the school it is because of our students and their incredible parents.

We understand your desire to guide your children to maturity. We respect the lengths you go to just to make sure they’re headed in the right direction. And we honor your devotion to protect them from all that might harm them.

Let’s take a moment to remember what we’re all about…

  • We’re training students to become wise and ethical leaders.

  • We’re equipping them to impact their communities for the Glory of God.

  • We’re guiding them to view the world through the biblical lens of Truth and lead their communities to an uncharted future with grace, dignity, and strength.

We believe nothing should stand between your students and their future. And we believe renovated facilities will give our students the environment they need to reach their full potential.

Here’s how next phases of renovation are going to work: First, we need to raise money to pay off the building loan and fund the next phase of development.

Next, we’ll relocate and install new staircases, an elevator shaft, add 1 new classroom, expand 3 classrooms, and remodel the breezeway between buildings.

Then we’ll move into Phase 3, which is building the upstairs classrooms and multi-purpose gym spaces.

We’re believing God will use these renovations as the perfect environment for our students to learn and grow. The challenges we face today require solutions that have yet to be discovered. Those solutions are still developing in the minds of our students.

We have the opportunity to unlock that potential and let our students guide us into the future. We’re not just helping renovate a building. We’re planning for the next generation. We’re removing any obstacles that stand between them and their future. Imagine the impact your students can have on their community. Imagine the influence they can have through their work in engineering, the arts, scientific research, business, and social enterprise. Imagine the significance of showing your students what it means to invest in a cause.

Would you partner with us generously as we follow God in helping our students reach their full potential? Please prayerfully consider contributing to the All In His Time Building Fund by clicking the donate button above.