The A+ Scholarship Program is a unique program that provides scholarship funds to eligible graduates of A+ designated high schools. One interesting aspect of this program is that participating students must provide 50 hours of tutoring to others. This opportunity not only qualifies them for the scholarship funds but also reinforces Gloria Deo Academy’s core values – service, leadership, and character. 

Who Is Eligible for the A+ Scholarship Program? 

To be eligible for this program, students must fulfill certain requirements. They must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and enter into a written agreement with their high school. Additionally, they must attend a designated A+ high school for two years prior to graduation and must graduate with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. 

An additional requirement is that the students must have at least a 95% attendance average overall for grades 9-12. As previously mentioned, 50 hours of tutoring is a big component of this program. Up to 25% of the tutoring hours (12.5 hours) could be earned through job shadowing. The last requirement is that the student must have a record of good citizenship. The score on the ACT math portion must also be in the 15-17 range (various based on the student’s GPA).  

What Does the A+ Scholarship Cover? 

The A+ Scholarship Program covers several educational expenses, including tuition for an Associate of Arts Degree (65 credit hours). The A+ program is funded through the State of Missouri and applies only to Missouri public community colleges and vocational/technical schools. 

In addition to tuition, the program covers registration fees, student fees, tech fees, and security fees. The total amount varies by year, but the scholarship is valued at around $9700.  

Will My Student Have Enough Time to Tutor? 

The A+ Scholarship Program is designed with students in mind. In their junior and senior years, students have the option to take an A+ hour as an elective. During this hour, they can tutor and assist in a lower grade classroom as needed. They are also encouraged to be available for extra opportunities. 

For instance, at the end of every quarter, teachers have a special in-service day. During this day, students can help tutor and guide the teacher’s children. In addition, parents are welcome to initiate job shadowing opportunities. Students can earn up to 12.5 hours out of their 50 required hours through job shadowing. Please note that students cannot receive compensation for their time. 

Serving Others Demonstrates Christ-like Leadership 

“The weather was so nice today that we had to do our reading outside. Miss Emma, our A+ tutor, was there to help with the wind blowing our pages around a bit. It is so exciting to see these kindergarteners reading independently and discussing the story with their reading buddies afterward.” – Mrs. Updegraff  

We love seeing our upper and lower grade students helping each other. As we partner with parents to educate the next generation, we can see how service opportunities like the A+ program is on target with the GDA mission. Emma demonstrates Christ-like, servant leadership by taking time out of her day to help our smallest lions with their reading.  

What GDA Teachers Are Saying  

“My students really love our A+ tutor, Michael. They get so excited when he comes into the room, and they all want the privilege of working with him.” – Mrs. Wheeler, 5th grade 

“Having an A+ student in the classroom is a great opportunity for lower grades to make connections with older students who encourage learning. Students enjoy reading with them and finding out what they are learning in the upper grades. It builds more community between the upper and lower grade students. My class has made a relationship with one A+ student in which they have nicknames, discuss out of school activities, and enjoy joking with each other. It is great to have students come in and share their experiences and memories from fourth grade.” – Mrs. Thorne, 4th grade  

 “My experience with the A+ tutor program has been tremendous! Their assistance, AND input, is huge! This year, my A+ tutor gave me an idea that made the weekly multiplication tests so much more streamlined and simpler! I treasure what these A+ students contribute and give to our students and classroom!” – Mrs. Bast, 3rd grade 

“Asher has been wonderful to have in the classroom! He does a great job interacting with the kids, working them with on their assignments and being a great example of kindness to them all. From checking cursive to doing a read aloud, I’ve appreciated how much he is willing to help both me and my students.” -Mrs. Fox, 2nd grade 

Additional Benefits and Information 

Missouri State University offers additional A+ Scholarship benefits, providing $500 a year, renewable each year attended (up to $2000). Evangel University offers a $1000 scholarship for the completion of A+ requirements. Several other universities offer A+ incentives as well, and it is recommended to check with the financial aid offices of these universities to inquire about A+ incentives. 

Upper Grades Guidance Counselor 

To learn more about upper grade student opportunities or additional information about the A+ Scholarship Program, you can contact our Upper Grades Guidance Counselor, Keith Clouse, at 

Thank you for reading about the A+ Scholarship Program and helping us shape the next generation of students to impact our community for the glory of God, through service, leadership, and character.