Our Vision:

It is the vision of Gloria Deo Academy to educate the whole student in order to graduate young men and women who will use their God-given strengths and talents to live lives of significance for the glory of God.

Our Mission:

Gloria Deo Academy partners with parents to educate students in a historic biblical worldview through a rigorous classical curriculum. The goal of GDA is to develop ethical and wise individuals who will impact their community for the glory of God through service, leadership, and character.

Core Values:

Gloria Deo Academy seeks to partner with parents to train Christian youth to glorify God by recovering the legacy of the Western Civilization. GDA respects the historic Christian faith and approaches each subject with a historic Christian worldview. The academic program is designed to develop the student through classical Christian learning in the knowledge (grammar), understanding (logic, dialectic, or reasoning), and wisdom (rhetoric) of each subject with increasing sophistication as age, grade level, and ability rise. Classical elements such as Latin, logic, and rhetoric, as well as good and great books are integrated across the curriculum. 


GDA educates and inculcates truth in the light of God and His Holy Word. Scripture is integrated throughout all subject areas by a faculty consisting of fervent believers. We seek to teach each discipline from a historic Christian worldview. We support the development of each student’s life in Christ while respecting the primary discipleship role that belongs to the family. 


Gloria Deo Academy encourages every student to develop a love for learning and to live up to his or her individual academic potential, achieved by adherence to the time-tested classical trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Each student progresses through curriculum, based upon works of scholarship that have defined our civilization. Students learn the significant, that they may lead lives of significance.  


We collaborate with parents that are committed to their Biblically ordained role as the primary instructors of their children. The Academy offers classes two to three days per week on site that are supported by supervised parental involvement on the days that their students are home. We work closely with the students and parents in developing a legacy of lifelong learning.   

Uncommon Approach. Exceptional Results.

At Gloria Deo Academy, we take an unconventional approach to education. This has made GDA one of Springfield’s largest and fastest-growing private schools.

Our approach is designed to develop students through classical Christian learning in the knowledge (grammar), understanding (logic), and wisdom (rhetoric) of each subject with increasing sophistication as age, grade, and ability rise.

What is classical education?

In the 1940s the British author, Dorothy Sayers, wrote an essay entitled “The Lost Tools of Learning.” In the essay, she calls for a return to the application of the seven liberal arts of ancient education, the first three being the “Trivium” – grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Miss Sayers also compares the three stages of children’s development to the Trivium. Specifically, she matches what she calls the “Poll-parrot” stage with grammar, “Pert” with logic, and “Poetic” with rhetoric. Doug Wilson explained the classical method further in his book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning. GDA has been committed to implementing this form of education since the school’s inception. Read more about classical education on the GDA blog

Student Success Is Our Focus:

  • Our graduates have received over $6 million in scholarship offers

  • Dual enrollment with Evangel, Drury, or OTC

  • Eligibility for the A+ program

  • The only private classical school in Springfield that offers math through Calculus

  • Fully accredited through ISACS

  • Speech and Debate programs rank in the top 2% in the nation.

  • Public speaking skills begin in Kindergarten

  • Extracurricular: Band, Choir, Orchestra, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Volleyball, Cross Country, Bass Fishing, Art, Photography, Journalism, and Theater

Gloria Deo Academy Mission and Vision Education through the classical trivium, partnering with parents

Building Young Leaders:

But your children are called to more than good grades and educational achievement. As they develop into ethical and wise young adults, they will impact their community for the glory of God.

Space for new students is limited and seats fill up fast. If you want to learn more about GDA, attend our upcoming information meeting and see if we’re right for your family.