GDA Student Reading Mission

Gloria Deo Academy partners with parents to educate students in a historic biblical worldview through a rigorous classical curriculum. The goal of GDA is to develop ethical and wise individuals who will impact their community for the glory of God through service, leadership and character.

Core Values: Christian, Classical, Collaborative

GDA Pledge Mission

Gloria Deo Academy seeks to partner with parents to train Christian youth to glorify God by recovering the legacy of the Western Civilization. The academic program is designed to develop the student through classical Christian learning in the knowledge (grammar), understanding (logic), and wisdom (rhetoric) of each subject with sophistication as age, grade level, and ability rise.

GDA has endeavored to prepare students for secondary studies and to equip them for their life’s calling.  In 2005, Joy Davis struggled to find a safe place for her children to grow and learn.  Many schools have slowly moved away from Judeo-Christian values and her wish was to create an environment where students felt safe and teachers could unashamedly stand on the authority of the Bible with a rigorous academic curriculum. This unique environment GDA provides equips youth to make an impact in their community for the glory of God.