2022 Spring Clubs registration opens December 1. Please email Kristin Howerton for more information: kschulz@gloriadeoacademy.org.

Friday Clubs Begin Friday, February 4, 2022. 

If Clubs are cancelled due to weather, the payment is non-refundable. GDA t-shirts (any GDA spirit wear shirt is approved) are required as the student “uniform” for Club students. Please purchase the t-shirts in advance. Lunch will be held during clubs from 11:55am – 12:15 pm. Families will be emailed after registration is closed by the Club teacher. This email will give information about the specific Club. If you have any Club questions, please email Mrs. Kristin Howerton at kschulz@gloriadeoacademy.org! 

Reader’s Theater & Poetry Club 

Join Mrs. Summers for Reader’s Theater! Our amazing stories, scripts, poems and jokes will be the inspiration for our creativity. We’ll learn sign language with our stories, play games, make crafts, cook, investigate science concepts and more. A good story can truly teach everything! 


Art Club 

Mrs. Kelli Norvell will be teaching students different aspects of Art. She will offer time for hands on learning for the students to use and enhance their creativity. 


Bible Club 

The students will take adventures through reading Scriptures and making the stories come to life by acting them out. There will be activities where the students will create or participate in while learning the Bible stories.  


Gardening Club 

Mrs. Kristie Hornberger will be out in the garden again with our students. She will be able to be here around the campus this year. There will be hands on learning while Mrs. Hornberger educates about horticulture. 


Mad Science Club 

Join the journey of learning about ecosystems & habitats in Mad Science. Mrs. Summers’ scientists will explore ecology through hand on activities, crafts, journaling, & experiments. 


Legends and Myths Club 

Legends and Myths have brought us many tales of adventures. Join with us as we study in depth where some of these legends originated. We will read, look at maps, and study the characters in the tales. We may try to debunk some myths too! 


Italian Club  

Come join Mrs. Fox as we journey to the world of Italy via Friday Clubs. We will use skills from geography and language to better understand this lovely land. Students will learn vocabulary, salutations, and more. We will use our time to be active in memory work, conversations, daily calendars, and activities to familiarize the students with the culture of Italy.  


Running Club  

Mrs. Moss will work with students on building endurance, running strides, healthy eating, and proper stretching for runners.  


Fitness Club  

Plan on moving to music, getting heart rates up, and burning some energy in this Club.  


PE Club  

Physical Education will contain instruction on how games are played, the rules and expectations for the game will be explained, and then the students will enjoy the games as a group.  


Cardio Drumming Club   

What is cardio drumming? It brings together drumsticks (pool noodles) and a desk/table or floor to create one of the most fun workouts you’ll ever do. Using the desk or floor as your drum and mixing in fun moves, cardio drumming turns keeping a rhythm into a workout that you won’t want to stop. 


Club Package

  • GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$70per club
  • GDA Students Only

Club Package

  • Non-GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$125per club
  • Non-GDA Students Only
Please fill out one form per child.
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