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Fall Semester Clubs Begin Friday, Sept. 2 – Dec. 2, 2016

Spring Semester Clubs Begin Friday, February 2 – April 22

Painting Club:  Learn to express yourself through the art of painting. (Fall Only)

Running Club:  Lower grades (1-3) will work on form, endurance, safety, breathing, etc. This group will run/walk.  There will be intervals of walking between the intervals of running. Running time will be increased steadily throughout the semester allowing for the increased distance.  Grades 4-6 will work on basic skills and safety and will run longer distances with the end goal being a 5k. Runners in this group might be able to run the entire distance or runners in this group might be able to complete this entire distance with intervals of walking.

Science Club: This club is available to students in Grades 1-3. Science Club includes hands-on experiments each week. Students learn to develop and test a hypothesis individually and in a small group. A variety of science concepts are covered throughout the semester. *Limited to 15 students!*

Creation Science Club: This club is available to students in Grades 4-6. Learn about science from the perspective of a Biblical worldview and participate in science experiments. *Limited to 15 students!*

Dance Fitness: Come join the party! Zumba Kids is an active way for kids to learn dance and have fun with a little multi-cultural flair. This is available to students in Grades 1-6. 

*Please consider signing up to volunteer. We need parents to run with the students and/or provide water stops each week.
**Safety is a priority. All students will be closely supervised. If the weather it too cold or wet then cross training will take place indoors.


GDA offers a variety of Friday clubs for grades 1-6 at the Glendale Campus for fun and enrichment. Some of the clubs in the past have included Science, Drama, Zumba, Running, Chess, Lego Robotics, Painting, and many more. Each club meets weekly for an hour. Club variety, times, and fees vary by semester. Non-GDA homeschool students are also welcome. Clubs typically begin the first Friday in September.