Spring Semester Clubs Begin February 5, 2021. 

Space is LIMITED! Once a club is full, it will be removed from the website.  Schedule is subject to change. If any particular club doesn’t have enough students signed up, it will possibly be cancelled.

If Friday Clubs are cancelled due to weather, the payment is non-refundable. GDA t-shirts (any GDA spirit wear shirt is approved) are now required as the student “uniform” for Friday Club students. Please purchase the t-shirts in advance. Lunch will be held during clubs from 11:50am – 12:10 pm. Children may bring their own lunch, or order catered lunch from the school. Additional information regarding drop off/pick up procedures, guidelines for clubs, any supplies students need to bring, etc will be emailed out after registration is closed. If you have any Friday Club questions, please email Mrs. Kristin Schulz at kschulz@gloriadeoacademy.org! 

Fitness Club (K-6)

Mrs. Sheila Douglas will be offering an energized Fitness Club for our K-6. She will have exercise routines to music. This Club is intended to burn some energy, build muscle, and have fun.

Running Club

Running Club will have workouts that will build the students endurance with running for set amounts of time. The workouts will be age appropriate. There will be walking, running, and sprinting according to the set endurance training schedule. 

Mystery and Scavenger Hunt Club

The teacher will have a scavenger hunt and mystery (puzzle) for each Club hour. The goal is to build on the students’ ability to use deductive reasoningpractice comprehension skills, and work together to find solutions.

Drama Club

This hour will invite children to use their imaginations. The students will learn good stage techniques and how to use their voice in a performance. The teacher hopes to record a performance for the students to share with their families. 

Math Club

This semester Math Club students will have a great time learning about money topics such as work, spending, giving, saving, integrity, and debt management. Mrs. Smith will be using literature to teach tools and healthy spending habits.  Money and other related math skills will be reinforced through games and activities.   

Animal Science Club

Animal Science Club will include live animals for petting and studying.  There will be an outdoor classroom with animal encounters. There will be time spent learning about the habitats, food, behaviors, and personality of these animals. Weather permitting, each week we would like to have aanimal for the students to interact with in person that correlates with the lesson. *** If the student has allergies to animals this Club is not recommended. 

Girls Bible Club (3-6)

Mrs. Kimberly Burns will be offering a girls Bible Study. This will give the girls opportunity to study Scripture together and talk about a particular topic from the Bible.

Sign Language Club (K-6)

Mrs. Amanda Summers will be teaching students how to use American Sign Language. She has taught ASL for many years and has a wonderful way to teach it to the students.

Art Club

Mrs. Amanda Summers will be teaching students different aspects of Art. She will offer time for hands on learning for the students to use and enhance their creativity.

Gardening Club (K-6)

Mrs. Kristie Hornberger will be out in the garden again with our students. She will be able to be here around the campus this year. There will be hands on learning while Mrs. Hornberger educates about horticulture.

Spanish Club

Mrs. Alissa Glover will be bringing her wealth of knowledge to our Clubs this year. She will teach and then give students time to use their new language in the classroom with one another and writing activities. Returning students will build on previous skills and knowledge learned.

Team Building Club

This club will train students to be award of the different roles in a team. The teacher will communicate and coach the students on how each person plays a significant part to the overall success of the group. There will be outdoor physical activities and indoor problem-solving activities. 

International Studies 

This club will dive in to the depths of 10 different countries. As the teacher presents a new country each week, there will be food from that country, recipes from the country, and a cultural study on that country. 

Homework Club (K-6)

This year due to so much change and many parents doing life so differently we have decided to offer tutors here on campus during Friday Clubs. Tutors will be assisting students with questions or problems the students may not be able to work through on their own. The students will be encouraged to bring their homework and complete as much of their work as possible during the this Club. Homework Club will be devoted to work and productivity. Parents will still need to check the assignments at home. We welcome parents to sign up for this Club if they are needing a place for the student to bring the work to and work on the assignments. Tutors are not checking work only helping students through their work. Please send a book in case your student finishes work.

*Friday Clubs will not meet on Teacher In-Service Days, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break or Good Friday. Please check your GDA School Calendar for these dates.

Friday Club Package

$350per semester
  • GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$65per club
  • GDA Students Only

Friday Club Package

$600per semester
  • Non-GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$120per club
  • Non-GDA Students Only
Please fill out one form per child.
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