GDA Clubs

“I love that my girls get to meet kids from other days or campuses, making new friends that they might not meet otherwise. My kid’s favorite part of clubs is doing all the fun things in Science Club with Mrs Summer.”

“Every time we pick him up he has new stories to share about new friends he’s made and how much fun he had.”

“We love club days! My girl gets up excited and ready to go every Friday. I love it because she gets her energy out while learning fun subjects in a structured environment.”

Gloria Deo Academy offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs to GDA K-6 grade students and non-GDA students including: Fun and Games Math Club, Edible Art, Intramural Sports, Embroidery, Science, Readers’ Theater, Art, Drama, Mystery Code Breakers, Bible, Gardening, PE, Fitness, Recycled Crafts, Classic Games, Painting, and more!

“I look forward to spending some time with your kids this summer! Clubs will be held on Wednesdays, May 29th – July 31st, 8:30 AM-1:30 PM.” -Mrs. Douglas 

Fall registration will open soon. Clubs will be held on Fridays, September 6 – November 22.

Please reach out to Sheila Douglas for more information:

If Clubs are cancelled due to weather, the payment is non-refundable. GDA t-shirts (any GDA spirit wear shirt is approved) are required as the student “uniform” for Club students. Please purchase the t-shirts in advance. Lunch will be held during clubs from 11:20am – 11:45 pm. Students can bring a sack lunch or order hot lunches through FACTS. Families will be emailed after registration is closed by the club teacher. This email will give more information about the specific club. 

Paper Crafts Club [9:30 am Registration is full for Summer 2024]

Join Miss Wintle for Paper Crafts Club! We’ll be making a fun variety of Summer-themed projects from paper, including origami, tissue paper art, mosaics, paper sculpture, corrugated cardboard pictures, and more!

Embroidery Club

Embroidery Club teaches a fun, practical skill for both boys and girls! Miss Wintle will help your child learn basic embroidery stitches and create a fun project(s) of their choosing (such as an embroidery kit, stitching on a pair of jeans or a tote bag, etc). If your child participated in Embroidery Club in the past, they’ll be able to learn different stitches and begin a new project!

Painting Club 

Does your child love to paint? Let them unleash their inner artist at Paint Club! Join Miss Wintle as we create fun and engaging Summer-themed projects using a variety of techniques designed to let your child’s creativity and imagination shine.

Readers’ Theater Club

Did you know Readers’ Theater can increase your child’s enthusiasm for reading and give reluctant readers a positive way to interact with stories?  Readers’ Theater also develops fluency and listening skills. Help Mrs. Summers bring engaging scripts, poems, and jokes alive with crafts, cooking, sign language, games, and more.  If you’ve had a good time in Readers’ Theater, please come back for new stories and activities.  If you want to try something new, we promise Readers’ Theater will be fun! 

Science Club [10:30 am Registration is full for Summer 2024]

Are you curious about our world? Do you wonder about things and ask lots of questions? Do you like hands on activities? Then you’re a perfect fit for this Science Club!  Join Mrs. Summers as we explore the world around us through activities and experiments.  Do not worry if you have taken science before, we always try new and fun things! If you are new to our science class, we think you’ll give it a thumbs up!  

Gardening Club [8:30 am and 9:30 am Registration is full for Summer 2024]

Mrs. Kristie Hornberger will be out in the garden again with our students. There will be hands-on learning while Mrs. Hornberger educates about horticulture.

PE Club

Are your kids movers and shakers? If so, this class is for them! Hello! I am Miss Gjetta and I am planning some exciting things to help your child learn about fitness. This semester we will be doing an array of exercises and exploring the importance of why God wants us to take care of the bodies He gave us. We will do various kinds of fitness, Zumba, aerobics, palates, and all kinds of fun things to keep us moving the whole hour! Let us get fit together! It’s going to be a class “fit for your life!”

Cooking Club  [Registration is full for Summer 2024]

This club is every kid’s dream! Join Mrs. Norvell for a fun-filled hour of cooking. From pretzel rod light sabers to funny face pizzas, we will enjoy creating and eating together! Please note: this club may not be the best option for students with food allergies.

Intramural Sports Club
This class is for kids that like to move! We will be playing games and learning about different sports/rules/procedures, and we will be switching up a different sport every couple weeks i.e. soccer, kickball, dodgeball, ga-ga ball, baseball, etc. We will be outside in the warm sun and we will be on the go at all times. It’s going to be sportstastic!!! ~Miss Gjetta 

Water Sports Club 

If your child enjoys laughing, running, splashing, playing, team sports, and getting utterly soaked while physically moving the whole hour, then this is the class for them. If they don’t want to be soaking wet, you may choose another club because this one’s going to be a monsoon of fun! ~Miss Gjetta 

Lego Club  

Come join Mrs. Norvell and show your creativity as we build and create with Legos. Each week will offer a specific activity and free play. This is an ideal club for Lego maniacs! 


Mrs. Brabo will be teaching the fundamentals of learning how to play Soccer this summer. Playing soccer helps students learn several basic skills: passing, dribbling, and controlling the soccer ball.

Club Package

  • GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$70per club
  • GDA Students Only

Club Package

  • Non-GDA Students Only

Individual Club

$125per club
  • Non-GDA Students Only
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