UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 9-12)

Gloria Deo Academy strives to educate the whole student in order to graduate young men and women who will use their God-given strengths and talents to live lives of significance for the glory of God.

Students in grades 7-8 mature into the understanding, logic, dialectic or reasoning stage of the classical Trivium. Although memorization and drill continue, students begin to ask and answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions regarding their studiesStudents in seventh and eighth grades have content area teachers that rotate to the students’ classroomsStudies in grades 9-12 will include the grammar of each subject but concentrate on developing the logic and rhetoric stages of the classical Trivium. As Francis Bacon said, “Logic and rhetoric make one able to contend.” Each course includes classroom instruction with discussion two days per week at the school site with a half day on Fridays. The balance of the educational program will continue at home where the parent supervises each student’s directed study. Teachers assign home studies to provide proper pacing to complete subject content over the course of a school year.  

Logic Stage (Grades 7-8) Student Characteristics

  1. Still excitable, but needs challenges

  2. Judges, critiques, debates, critical

  3. Likes to organize items, others

  4. Shows off knowledge

  5. Wants to know “behind the scenes” facts

  6. Curious about Why? for most things

  7. Thinks, acts as though more knowledgeable than adults 

Rhetoric Stage (Grades 9-12) Student Characteristics 

  1. Concerned with present events, especially in own life

  2. Interested in justice, fairness

  3. Moving toward special interests, topics

  4. Can take on responsibility, independent work

  5. Can do synthesis

  6. Desires to express feelings, own ideas

  7. Generally idealistic 

The next generation of Christian leaders:

Your children are called to more than good grades and educational achievement. As they develop into ethical and wise young adults, they will impact their community for the glory of God.

Upper Grades Quick Facts

  • GDA’s Speech & Debate Program is in the top 2% in the nation.

  • GDA students are eligible to participate in the A+ Program and earn additional scholarships and gain leadership experience.

  • GDA students memorize an entire book of the Bible each school year.

  • GDA students participate in Jr. High and High School Retreats each year. Watch the High School Retreat video here.  Watch the Jr. High Retreat video here.

  • GDA Juniors and Seniors may take dual credit classes ($65-70 per credit hour) with Drury University, Evangel University and Ozarks Technical Community College. As an Evangel University Partner School, GDA graduates receive a 50% discount on tuition.

  • As Southwest Baptist University Partner School, GDA graduates receive a 50% discount on tuition. 

  • Since 2012, we have had 91 students graduate with an average scholarship offer of $70,909.53, totaling $6,452,767 given in scholarships.

  • GDA students score well above the State and National average on the ACT. 25.3 ACT average (MO average is 20.8; national average 20.7).

  • GDA is the only private classical school in Springfield, MO that offers Math through Calculus.

  • Guidance counselor provides weekly help for parents and students with college admission application, scholarship, FAFSA applications, and deadlines.

  • Extra-Curricular Options: Cross Country (grades 7-12), Archery (grades 4-12), Boys Basketball (grades 7-8 and 9-12), Bass Fishing (grades 4-12), Girls Volleyball (grades 7-8), Boys Golf (grades 9-12), Baseball (grades 7-12), Speech & Debate (grades 7-8 and 9-12), Cheerleading (grades 7-12), Art (all grades), Drama (grades 9-12), Band (grades 4-12), Orchestra (grades 4-12), Choir (grades 7-12), Photography (grades 9-12), Thespian Club (grades 9-12), Key Club (grades 9-12), Student Leadership, Journalism (grades 9-12), and Upper Grade Dances. 

  • Student Honors: All- State Choir, All- State Orchestra, All-State Band, Leadership Springfield, Girls and Boys State, Missouri Scholars, MSHSAA State Academic and Athletic honors, State and National Speech and Debate and Thespian tournaments. Click here to view the MSHSAA Calendar.

  • “As always, the kids from Gloria Deo [Academy] were a joy to have in class. They are consistently prepared, engaged, and they work their tails off. They are wonderful reflections of the work your faculty and staff pour into them.” Professor Porter, Drury University