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Upper School includes grades 7-12 and focuses on applying logic and grammar to complex issues.

Logic Stage //

  • Still excitable but need challenges

  • Quick to judge, critique, debate

  • Like to organize thoughts, items, and others

  • Apt to show off knowledge

  • Think and act as though they are more knowledgeable than adults

Rehoric Stage //

  • Learning to express elegantly and persuasively

  • Interested in justice and fairness

  • Concerned with current events

  • Take on responsibility and independent work

  • Can synthesize new ideas

  • Desire to express own feelings and ideas

  • Generally idealistic

Collaborative Education for Upper Grades //

  • University style of learning

  • Students learn time management skills that prepare them for college

  • Most parents find themselves more of a coach than a teacher

College Prep //

  • Rigorous curriculum that enhances leadership skills, such as, writing, public speaking and spiritual development

  • Speech and Debate requirement for all 9th Graders

  • Dual credit available through Drury University

  • Eligible students may take online or seated classes at Drury University or OTC

  • A+ Program available through OTC

  • Guidance counselor provides weekly help for parents and students with college, scholarship, FAFSA applications, and deadlines