• GDA’s Speech & Debate Program is in the top 20% in the nation. In 2019, GDA sent 3 students to the Nationals Tournament. One student placed in the top 60 in Humorous Interpretation. Two students placed in the top 100 and top 45 in Storytelling. Watch a Speech and Debate video here. 

  • GDA students are eligible to participate in the A+ Program and earn additional scholarships and gain leadership experience.

  • GDA students participate in Jr. High and High School Retreats each year. Watch the High School Retreat video here.  Watch the Jr. High Retreat video here.

  • GDA Juniors and Seniors saved $181, 357 in 2019 alone by taking dual credit classes with Drury University, Evangel University and Ozarks Technical Community College.

  • Total of 237 hours of dual credit earned by GDA Upper Grades students in 2019.

  • GDA graduates have received over 5 million dollars in scholarship offers.

  • Duke Tip recognized 2 GDA students in 2018 and 3 GDA students in 2019 for taking the ACT and placing at or above the same scores as recent High School graduates.

  • GDA is the only private classical school in Springfield, MO that offers Math through Calculus.

  • Guidance counselor provides weekly help for parents and students with college, scholarship, FAFSA applications, and deadlines.

  • Extra-Curricular Options: Cross Country (11 medals in 2018, 17 medals in 2019), Archery (11 State Qualifiers in 2018, 5 State Qualifier in 2019), Basketball, Volleyball, Bass Fishing (2nd Place in the Jr High Division in 2019), All-State Choir, All-State Orchestra, Student Council, Prom, Spring Musical, Speech & Debate, Art, Drama & more!

  • “As always, the kids from Gloria Deo were a joy to have in class. They are consistently prepared, engaged, and they work their tails off. They are wonderful reflections of the work your faculty and staff pour into them.” Professor Porter, Drury University

GDA Upper Grades attend a yearly retreat at the beginning of the school year.

GDA Upper Grades memorize and recite an entire book of the Bible each year.