GDA Senior Delivers Banquet Speech

GDA senior, Evan Fincher, delivered a speech on the significance of Christian education in his life at the 2023 All in His Time Banquet. He expounded on the ideal qualities that Gloria Deo Academy aims to instill in its students. Thank you, Evan, for sharing your school experience.  GDA Impacted My Life Gloria [...]

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Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers

Each year before Thanksgiving break, Gloria Deo Academy lower grade students present Thanksgiving themed poems, songs, and Bible memory work for GDA parents. The 4th graders study the history about the first Thanksgiving and recite a beautiful poem entitled "Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans. We are thankful for our [...]

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What About That Second C: Classical?

Classical Education.....“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” -Proverbs 24:3-4 Core Values...Christian, Classical, Collaborative. How much do you know about the 3 C's and especially the 2nd one, Classical? What is Classical Education? We hear them [...]

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The Privilege of Christian Education

The Privilege of Christian Education Upper Grade student Emily Garoutte gave a testimonial at the GDA All In His Time Banquet and the 2023 State of the School Address. Emily spoke about her educational journey as a student of both public and private education. She credits her experience with Christian classical education at [...]

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What is Classical Education?

What is Classical Education? For most parents seeking academic rigor for their students, Classical Education is the pinnacle of educational achievement, the apex of a successful foundation for lifelong success. Classical Education has a reputation for setting a strong standard for its students, equipping them to learn through excellent curriculum and instruction, and [...]

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Long Live the Wonder Years

Is there a way to keep the “wonder years” alive? Juli Engel writes about cultivating worship and wonder in Christian classical education. If raising children was a scary movie, some might suggest the villain would be the “terrible twos.” Anyone who has lived through this season might think they were out of the woods [...]

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5 Reasons GDA Is Important To Our Family

The following speech was presented at Gloria Deo Academy's Banquet benefiting the All In His Time Campaign.  My name is Lindsey King, and this is my husband, Brad. All four of our children attend Gloria Deo Academy.  We have twin sons in eighth grade, a daughter in fourth grade, and our baby girl [...]

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Why are GDA students so happy?

A number of months back Carrie Jacques (River Stone Principal) was telling me that the last time they had the school's accreditation team come the one thing they said was that they had never seen students in such a rigorous academic program also seem so happy as the kids are at GDA. [...]

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Heart Training in Christian Classical Education

“....The goal of GDA is to develop ethical and wise individuals who will impact their community for the glory of God through service, leadership, and character.”   (excerpt from the GDA mission statement) I have had the privilege to attend several classical education seminars, workshops and lectures since joining GDA as a teacher. I remember, [...]

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Timeless Text: The Odyssey

Timeless Text: The Odyssey As students in 7th grade literature at Gloria Deo Academy were learning from the timeless text: The Odyssey by Homer, one of the requirements was to write about the timelessness of a passage of their choice. This student chose the passage describing a beautiful orchard that Odysseus observed during his travel. [...]

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