Fine Arts choices such as Choir, Band, Orchestra, Musical Theater, and Drama afford students the opportunity to engage and further develop skills beyond those learned in the classroom setting. As a classical school, Gloria Deo Academy emphasizes education through the arts. Students have many opportunities as a result of the school’s provisional accreditation. This allows GDA students to participate in MSHSAA activities.

Upper Grades Choir // GDA offers Choir beginning in 7th Grade. GDA’s Choir performs at the Christmas and Spring Concert. Additional past performances have occurred at the Show Boat Branson Bell Dock, Springfield Symphony Orchestra Fundraiser and the Springfield Art Museum.  GDA as had at least one student represent the school in All-District Choir for the past two years. One GDA Senior who participated in All-District Choir stated, “All-District Choir is a great experience for anyone who loves to sing. Last year, hearing my voice blend with 199 others was a truly awesome experience. Coming from a reasonably small school with a small choir, having the opportunity to sing with a large group was a life-changing event. I would highly recommend students from all schools to participate.” Upper Grades Choir will begin September 6th from 1-2 pm at the Glendale Campus.

Band // GDA offers three levels of Concert Band. The Band performs at the GDA Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. The Intermediate and Advanced Bands also take a performance field trip in the spring semester. Band is open to all students in 5th Grade and higher. Beginning Band meets every Wednesday (starting August 21st) at 3:35 pm – 4:30 pm.  Intermediate Band (starting August 19th) meets every Monday at 3:35 pm – 4:30 pm. Advanced Band (7th Grade and older with 2+ years of experience, starting August 19th) meets every Monday and Wednesday at 2:48 pm – 3:35 pm. Students are required to provide their own band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone or snare drum), wire music stand for home practice and band book. Have questions? Contact Dr. Harris at or 417-522-8607. 

Orchestra // Orchestra is available to students in 4th – 12th Grade. Beginning Orchestra meets on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm (starts on August 28th – Glendale Campus). Intermediate Orchestra meets on Mondays from 3:30 pm-4:30 pm (starts on August 19th – Glendale Campus). Advanced Orchestra is available to Upper Grades. The advanced class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:48 pm-3:30pm (starts on August 14th). For more information, please email Lynette Staswick at or call 402-730-8931

Musical Theatre  //  GDA produces an incredible Spring Musical each year. Past performances include Willy Wonka, Church Mouse, Back to the Cross, Alice in Wonderland, and Annie Jr . The 2020 production is Peter Pan. Only available to GDA students. 

Drama //  GDA offers a traditional Drama Class to GDA Students in the Upper Grades. Students in 7-12 Grade may sign up for the Drama Class from 2:48 pm – 3:35 pm on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Students are required to purchase a book for the class.  

Bluegrass Gospel //  The Bluegrass Gospel Program is for students in the Upper Grades. Classes are from 2-4 pm on Friday afternoons at the Glendale Campus. Classes will begin on September 6th and go through the end of the school year with breaks during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. The Acoustic Shoppe may continue classes in the summer at the shop for those who are interested. The cost of this program is $60 per semester. Students may perform in the community and at school programs throughout the year. If your Lower Grades student has prior experience and is interested, please call Wendy Wright. Please direct additional questions to Wendy Wright at 417-631-2442 or 

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