GDA Timeless Text

Timeless Text: The Odyssey

As students in 7th grade literature at Gloria Deo Academy were learning from the timeless text: The Odyssey by Homer, one of the requirements was to write about the timelessness of a passage of their choice. This student chose the passage describing a beautiful orchard that Odysseus observed during his travel. Students were free to discuss with their teacher and parents about the assignment. Here is what GDA student, Nora, wrote about The Odyssey:

As I read this passage of the book, “The Odyssey,” I am amazed by the beauty and detailed description of the garden. I love how Homer paints with his words the flowing water, the vibrant colors, and the magnificent ripe fruit. These descriptive words and use of imagery bring this garden to life. As I think of this garden, I think of how the Lord rejoices in His works! He is a creative God and we see this creativity in nature.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says,” God has made all things beautiful in its time…” We have such a great God who took time to create everything. From the huge apple tree to the grape vine, from the rippling springs to the warm sunshine, our God has made them all. Genesis says it perfectly. “After He created it all, He said it was good.” During this part of the book the main character Odysseus has gone through so many hardships and death threatening situations. As he comes into the garden he has to stop and wonder at the elegant orchard. He finally gets to stop for a moment and look at how wonderful the whole garden was.

We need to do this also, just to stop and look at the stunning creation that the Lord has made.

Thank you to Nora for allowing us to share your beautiful reflection of the timeless text: The Odyssey.

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