Gloria Deo Academy Development Update Golden Campus Remodel

The following development and Golden Campus construction update entitled “Pardon Our Progress” was published in the September 2023 ROAR Newsletter.


Pardon Our Progress

Even though construction is messy, we are grateful that progress is happening! If you visit the Golden Campus, you will notice demolition happening in the breezeway. The breezeway remodel adds stairs and an elevator to the upper floor. An additional stairway is being installed in the back of the gymnasium area.

The completion of this project prepares us to build twelve upper-grade classrooms, including two science labs. The classroom sizes will be more appropriate for upper grade students and allows us to keep all upper grade students at one campus.

All In His Time Campaign Update

Since last July, we raised $738,023 towards this project, which is already half of what we need to get started.

It has remained a priority to raise the majority of the money needed via cash or pledges before we commit to building, so as not to put our school at financial risk. We are grateful to the families who supported the campaign so far and we are confident that God will move hearts to give, to get these classrooms built next summer.

Ingress/Egress Update

Last year the owner of Masada, Inc. graciously offered to tear down the fence and level the ground between our property and theirs. The leveling of the fence creates more parking and an easement between the two properties.  This benefits our car line (allowing car line to start at their entrance and exit on ours)

The first delay was unexpected engineering work required and the current delay is being caused by a small triangular piece of land that was missed by surveyors and belongs to a third party. Masada, Inc. is working to get the piece of land vacated in order to move forward on the project. We are grateful that they are so determined to help us. 

Thank You for Continued Support

We are beyond excited to see God’s plan for the school and as we move forward, we say thanks…thank you to the families and supporters of GDA. We could not do this without you. Thank you, Lord, for your provision and guidance. We love watching your plans unfold and we give you all the glory!


Wendy Wright, Director of Development 

Gloria Deo Academy Development Update Golden Campus Remodel