GDA students sat outside and drew what they saw around them (outdoor still life project).  The students took in their surroundings and used oil pastels to blend colors, layer, and add texture to the drawings. The following upper grades’ art pieces were created by students from their surrounding at the new GDA Golden Campus.  GDA students did a fantastic job on their upper grade art projects!

The project is entitled “Perspectives Around the School.”

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What is perspective art?  It is a method of graphically depicting three-dimensional objects and spatial relationships on a two-dimensional plane or on a plane that is shallower than the original.  There are two main techniques used for this type of art.  The first is a perspective drawing for an object is cubical and the the second is a an orthographic top or front views, used to reveal that the object is not cubical in nature.  The shapes of all the parts and their relationships are often displayed in sets of drawings. Perceptual methods are in contrast to conceptual methods.