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Gloria Deo Academy offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs to GDA K-6 grade students and non-GDA students including: Reader’s Theater, Mystery Code Breaker, Bible Adventure, Gardening, PE, Fitness, Science, Lego Challenge, and more!

GDA Clubs Begin Friday, September 2.

2022 GDA Club registration is closed. Please email Sheila Douglas for more information:

If Clubs are cancelled due to weather, the payment is non-refundable. GDA t-shirts (any GDA spirit wear shirt is approved) are required as the student “uniform” for Club students. Please purchase the t-shirts in advance. Lunch will be held during clubs from 11:20am – 11:45 pm. Students can bring a sack lunch or order hot lunches through FACTS. Families will be emailed after registration is closed by the club teacher. This email will give more information about the specific club. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Sheila Douglas at!

Reader’s Theater Club

Did you know Reader’s Theater can increase your child’s enthusiasm for reading and give reluctant readers a positive way to interact with stories?  Reader’s Theater also develops fluency and listening skills.  Help Mrs. Summers bring engaging scripts, poems, and jokes alive with crafts, cooking, sign language, games, and more. 

PE Club

Mrs. Brabo is teaching PE Club! Physical Education will contain instruction on how games are played, the rules and expectations for the game will be explained, and then the students will enjoy the games as a group. 

What kid doesn’t love PE class?! By all means please send those energetic kiddos my way! Hello, I am Mrs. Moss and I have loved doing clubs and getting better to know your children, it’s been an honor. I’m excited to teach your kids again this fall. PE club will be full of team building activities, relay races, games, exercises and just a great hour of fast-paced fun! Come join me and let’s get moving!

Fitness Club

Are your kids movers and shakers? If so this class is for them! Hello, I’m Mrs. Moss and I’m planning some exciting things to help your child learn about fitness. This semester we will be doing an array of exercises and exploring the importance of why God wants us to take care of the bodies He gave us. We will do different kinds of fitness, exploring different exercises, Zumba, aerobics and all kinds of fun things to keep us moving the whole hour!!! So kids come and let’s get fit together! It’s gonna be a class “fit for your life”!  

Science Club

Are you curious about plants and animals?  Do you wonder about the mystery behind thunder, lightning, volcanoes, and earthquakes?  Do you want to discover how things are made and how they work?  Then you’re a perfect fit for Science Club!  Join Mrs. Summers as we explore the world around us through hands on activities and experiments.

Intramural Sports and Games 

This class is for kids that like to move! We will be playing games and learning about different sports/rules/procedures, and we will be switching up a different sport every couple weeks i.e. soccer, kickball, dodgeball, ga-ga ball, baseball, etc. We will be outside in the warm sun and we will be on the go at all times. It’s gonna be sportstastic!!!  

Lego Challenge Club

Come join Mrs. Norvell and show your creativity as we build and create with Legos! Each week will offer a specific activity as well as free play. There will also be some building challenges scattered throughout the semester. This is an ideal club for Lego maniacs!

Classic Games Club

Join Mrs. Norvell as we learn and play some fun, traditional games that might be new to kids or forgotten about. From board games to card games to nostalgic playground games, we will learn the rules and directions on how to play, and have lots of fun together!

Mystery Code Breaker Club

Join Mrs. Brabo for an exciting time learning how to solve mysteries! The students will participate in activities using codes, solving logic puzzles, and finding/using clues.

Bible Adventure Club

Join Mrs. McAnulty as we go on an adventure in God’s Word. Bible Adventures is going to be exciting as we dive in to God’s Word to learn how we can practically apply it to our daily lives and how we can walk out what we learn. We will NOT be bored as we will have lots to do, such as learning songs, movement, activities, discussion about real life application to bring The Word to life. I can’t wait for your child to join me as we go on adventures in God’s word.

Gardening Club

Mrs. Kristie Hornberger will be out in the garden again with our students. She will be able to be here around the campus this year. There will be hands on learning while Mrs. Hornberger educates about horticulture.

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