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Gloria Deo Academy is equipping students to impact their community for the glory of God through school improvement.

We had a wonderful time at the 2021 Together Again Banquet. Together we celebrated and reflected on God’s faithfulness to GDA. More money was raised than any other banquet in GDA’s history.  All the donations and pledges were made for the All in His Time campaign to help us further the mission to equip students to impact their community for the glory of God.

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Would you partner with us generously as we follow God in helping our students reach their full potential?  Please prayerfully consider contributing to the All In His Time building fund by clicking here.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

What is the GDA family saying?

“GDA has been a safe-haven for our family. They have, and continue, to take our kiddo’s needs into account and work closely with us to create long-term growth, reach goals, and foster a love of learning and wonder in our kids.”

“Years from now I know I’ll see GDA as the best decision I ever made for my kids. They were doing good, but at GDA they have flourished!”

“Two of my kids are fairly shy. They stay fairly quiet around other people, even when engaged. After a few years at GDA, I’ve noticed them feel more comfortable around adults and they do so much better communicating in public!”

What is the All In His Time Banquet?2022-04-22T16:38:49-05:00

It is a chance to come together as a school family and celebrate God’s blessing, bring focus to the mission & purpose of our school, share our vision for the future of GDA and raise funds for our capital campaign. It is also a time of fellowship & celebration as it unites families for the eternal purpose of developing ethical and wise individuals who will impact their community for the glory of God. 

What will the evening include?2021-09-30T20:52:13-05:00

Missouri State Senator and GDA dad, Eric Burlison will be our guest speaker and you will hear student testimonies and performances.  GDA leadership will communicate the vision for the future and offer an opportunity to invest in the next exciting phase of development. 

What is the cost of a ticket?2022-04-27T14:37:48-05:00

Each ticket is $50.00 which offsets the cost of the food and drink. The event is adults only. 

Will there be childcare available?2021-09-30T20:55:00-05:00

Due to space, this is an event for adults only. Limited childcare is available. Please contact Wendy Wright for more information at wwright@gloriadeoacademy.org.

Is this a fundraiser?2021-10-08T21:27:24-05:00

Yes, at the end of the program, you will be given the opportunity to support the current need of the school which is Phase 2 of the All in His Time campaign. 

What is the All In His Time campaign?2021-09-30T20:56:43-05:00

In the fall of 2019, GDA begin silent phase of the All in His Time campaign.  It was started to provide funds for the purchase and remodel of the Golden Campus. Because of the covid pandemic, the board paused the campaign.  The Together Again Banquet will mark a “soft opening” of the campaign focusing on a pressing need. 

What is the pressing need?2021-09-30T20:58:01-05:00

GDA has consistently experienced a 20% yearly growth rate.  This is a blessing because it allows us to grow programs such as athletics and other extracurricular activities as well as positively impacting our community by developing more strong Christian leaders. We are simply out of room. In order to accommodate the current students going into the upper grades from all campuses, we need to add classrooms at the Golden building. Since most of our tuition goes to pay teachers & administration, support in the way of donations is vital to the long-term growth of Gloria Deo Academy. 

What difference will my donation make?2021-09-30T20:58:52-05:00

When you give to the All In His Time campaign, you are directly investing in improving the quality of education GDA can provide to its students by investing in the next phase of our building campaign. No matter the size, your gift will make a difference, directly impacting future generations for the glory of God.  

Why should I come if we attend another GDA campus?2021-09-30T21:01:00-05:00

We are one school family in multiple locations. Every school improvement we make will in some way directly impact our entire school family.  

What time does the event begin?2021-09-30T21:02:23-05:00

The banquet begins at 6 p.m.

What should we wear?2021-10-04T16:10:08-05:00

Business casual is preferred.

How much do we need to raise?2021-10-08T15:58:45-05:00

The estimate for Phase 2 of our building project is $423,000.  This estimate includes the remaining $100,000 of the building loan. 

What is Phase 2?2021-10-04T16:11:07-05:00

Phase 2 includes Golden Campus building improvements, relocates the stairs and elevator, provides 1 additional classroom and expands 4 existing classrooms. All of these improvements are necessary before we can begin Phase 3.

What is Phase 3?2021-10-04T16:04:07-05:00

Phase 3 is divided into two parts, a complete remodel of the upstairs east building at the Golden Campus and a complete remodel of the gymnasium at the Golden Campus.

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