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*Advanced Beginning Band is NEW for 2023-2024: available for 7th-12th grades who are new to learning an instrument (during 8th hour T/Th).
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Additional Information for Band

Great music and opportunities await Gloria Deo Academy Band students in 2023-2024!

We’ll be offering:

1) Beginning Band for 4th-6th grades (M/W, T/Th 3:35-4:10pm)

2) Intermediate Band for 5th-6th grades (M/W, T/Th 4:10-4:55pm)

3) “Advanced Beginning Band” NEW for 2023-2024: available for 7th-12th grades (during 8th hour T/Th) 4) Advanced Band for 7th-12th grades (M/W during 8th hour).

YES, 7th-12th grade it’s not too late to start an instrument and join band for 2023-2024! For more information contact or 417-849-2515.

Important Dates for Band families:  

Concert Dates:  

  • December 12th, @ Schweitzer Church (Band, Orchestra, & Choir) 
  • *April 30th, @ Schweitzer Church (Band, Orchestra, & Choir) – this date just updated and may not be listed correctly on some general GDA printed calendars already distributed.  

Class Materials needed:   

Black 3 ring binder, pencils 

For Advanced Band and intermediate band; instrument lyre & flip folder. These are marching band music holders you will need for the Springfield Cardinals performance and future pep band opportunities. 

Instrument supplies and specific books will be covered in class or at the Aug 21st meeting.   

For more information see this flyer or contact