Tell me more about Kindergarten screening?

Expectations For Pre-Kindergarten Concepts Identifying letters, sounds of letters Counting to 20 Writing their name Identifying colors and shapes Identifying numbers and writing 1-10 Fine motor skills Jumping on one foot Coloring in the lines Cutting on the lines with safety scissors Expectations When You Arrive For The Screening.  Check the SignUpGenius website to [...]

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What about sports?

GDA is a member of MSHSAA and offers a variety of sports including: Baseball, Track and Field, Archery, Bass Fishing, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, & Cross Country. In addition, GDA is extremely competitive in Speech & Debate producing MSHSAA state champions and national qualifiers.

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Am I a capable teacher for my children?

A core foundation of Gloria Deo Academy is collaboration and partnership. Parents are not expected to become experts on every subject. Instead, parents manage learning-at-home by letting their child take control of their own education and guiding them through the process. Additionally, many parents build relationships with other parents so their kids can collaborate [...]

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Is it affordable?

GDA is more affordable than most private schools. Payments can be spread throughout the year and the university style helps keep uniforms, lunches, books, and other costs low.

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