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GDA kids learn through the proven classical approach to become strong thinkers who stand for truth.

Christ-centered learning:

Your children shouldn’t be treated as social experiments to test the latest fads in education. GDA uses the same time-tested approach that founded the most prestigious universities in our country.

Custom-fit for your child:

Sitting still, locked to a desk, hour after hour is hard for kids. At GDA, students have school-at-home every other day. Sitting, standing, upside-down on the couch—they can learn the way that fits them best.

Where you are the influence:

In the public school setting, your kids spend most of their day with teachers and peers. GDA’s collaborative approach means YOU—your values and your beliefs—get to be the biggest influence in your child’s life.

Trained for the future:

When kids aren’t challenged, the tough moments in life will catch them by surprise. GDA’s Classical approach challenges kids to take control of their education and be proactive about how they tackle their future.

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