Successful Performance of Annie Jr. by Gloria Deo Academy Lower Grade Students 

It was a fall to remember for Gloria Deo Academy Lower Grade (elementary grades, 2-6) students, who put on a fantastic performance of Annie Jr. under the leadership of Mrs. Gray. The cast and crew delivered a remarkable show, which was completely sold out on Thursday and Friday night. 

Special Thanks from Mrs. Gray 

“A special thanks to Emma Diehl, Eli Moore, Brady Butler and Emma Hay for all of her help behind the scenes and with choreography! Thank you to Mr. Gray for building our set! Thank you also to Ellie and Rye MacFee, and Caitlyn Cole for helping paint. Thank you to all the parents and teachers for their support. Thank you to the school leaders and administration. We couldn’t have done it without each one of you!” -Peyton Gray, Theater Director  

Audience Quotes  

GDA parent, Mrs. Harris, stated “It was such a great production! We were impressed with all the kids, and we are very thankful that the school and Mrs. Gray are willing to support a lower grades production. Getting the chance to do school theater at such a young age is one of the things Henley was most excited about when we talked about making a change to GDA this year.”

GDA’s Chairman of the Board also commented about the Annie Jr performance, “So grateful these kids not only got to perform, but that I got to watch their hard work play out. This is why we educate our kids at GDA – for them to shine brightly and be challenged to reach new heights.”

Student Quotes 

“Being in ‘Annie Jr.’ was so much fun, especially dancing in the NYC part! Now that it’s over, I’m super sad, but I can’t wait for next year!” -Henley Harris

“It was a fun experience & we love Mrs Gray!” -Sayla Sadaka

“It was fun to learn new things with Mrs Gray” -Lily Sadaka

“I had fun learning new things with Mrs Gray and being with friends” -Zane Sadaka

“It was a really fun experience and I learned some good rules of theater.” -Norajane Jacques

“This was my first performance and I really loved it. I’m going to miss how fun it was.” -Foster Moore

“Annie was super fun. I loved having Mrs. Gray as a teacher. I learned I really love acting.” -Stella Slone

“Being in Annie reminded me that I really love acting and I want to be an actress when I grow up!” -Georgia Slone

“I improved as a singer and remembered that acting can be so much fun!” -Elsie Slone

“It was a great experience and I was glad to be a part of it!” -Cora Hull

“I really loved theatre because of Mrs. Gray and I hope even more people try out next year.” -Samuel Hull

“I had the best time! I loved being a part of Annie” -Elaina Bowden

The Benefits of Theater as a Platform for Character Development and Leadership 

The art of theater is a powerful tool that can help students grow and learn through service, leadership, and character. Theater is an art form that provides each student with a platform to showcase and cultivate their unique God-given strengths and talents. Collaborating with GDA parents and taking part in theater can help students develop valuable skills that align with a meaningful life and honor God. 

Next Theater Performance: Tarzan  

The next musical production is Tarzan. Tarzan is scheduled for April 8-13. The cast of Tarzan consists of upper grade students only. We can’t wait for the next Gloria Deo Academy musical!