Why Latin is Important to Classical Education

If you talk to parents or teachers about the components that make up a solid classical education, the answers vary greatly. Some people say classical education means a chronological study of history. Others say classical education means a rigorous curriculum. Perhaps the best answer adopts the trivium as its model: the grammar, logic, and [...]

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Wordly Wise Troubleshooting Tips

Wordly Wise is a great online vocabulary tool that we're proud to use as part of our curriculum. While a great number of families use it without issue, there are times when the quirks of technology pop up and cause some strange glitches. If you have trouble, give these Wordly Wise troubleshooting tips a [...]

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Teaching from a State of Rest: The Video Series

When it comes to resources that we want to provide for our parents, few are as valuable as the idea of Teaching from a State of Rest. The current school system thrives on chaos. Everything feels so busy and it's a huge factor in the rise of anxiety diagnoses in children. The solution? Classical [...]

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Why Study Greek Mythology?

It's an honest question. Why do we study Greek mythology? When it comes to teaching a Classical curriculum, many parents are immediately on board with teaching history in chronological order and reading literature that coincides with that period of history. But mythology? That one brings about more questions. HERE'S THE TRUTH: Greek mythology is [...]

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